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Please take the time to review this page in detail as it has been dedicated to answering the most frequently asked question regarding our organization. If your question is not answered below you may contact us directly and we will respond to your question.




Q. What is the Mission of The Carolina Eagles Track & Field Club

A. The Carolina Eagles Track & Field Club's mission is to introduce youth of all ages, socio-economic backgrounds and diverse skills levels to the sport of track and field. We dedicate our time to mentoring youth through athletics, while striving to improve their overall health, character and discipline as they grown into adolescents and adults. However, our mission does not stop there as we have expanded our role in the community through performance of community service projects.


Q.What is USATF?

A. USATF (United States Association of Track & Field) is the governing body for track and field in the US. We are a member organization and as such all registered athletes obtain USATF membership in conjunction with their CETC membership.


Q. When does the season begin?

A. The official season begins when daylights savings time adjust in the spring. The typical season begins in March and ends the last day of July.




Q. What are the age requirements for participation?

A. To become an athlete member you must be between the ages of six (turning seven by December 31st ) and eighteen (not turning 19 prior to August 1st)


Q. Will my child(ren) compete against other children their age?

A. As in most competitive sports there are age divisions for competition. There are six distinct age divisions in USATF (sub-bantam, bantam, midget, youth, intermediate and young men/women).


Q. How are age divisions determined for competition?

A. The age divisions are determined by USATF. Simply stated, the age of your child on the last day of the calendar year determines their age division classification




Q. Who coaches with the Carolina Eagles Track & Field Club?

A. The coaching staff, although volunteers represent a expansive background in track & field. Over 90% of the coaching staff, where prep, collegiate and/or pro track and field athletes. We provide supplementary training and development which fosters increased skill level development for our participating athletes.Our coaches undergo extensive background checks, are committed to overall mission of the organization and are registered coaches of USATF.


Q. May I volunteer to coach as a parent?

A. Absolutely! The only stipulation when volunteering as a parent is your willingness to be assigned to a age division other than that which you have a participating child. While support is encouraged from parents we want all children to be provided fair and equal training without bias.




Q. Where do you offer practice locations?

A. The Carolina Eagles practice site is located conveniently to East, South and Western Wake County.


Q. How often does the club practice?

A. We offer practice (3) days per week and request that parents commit to a minimum of (2) practice days.


Q. What time is practice?

A. Practice is held from 6:15pm - 7:45 pm Monday - Thursday


Q. Is practice ever cancelled due to inclement weather?

A. Practice is cancelled provided the temperature at 6pm drops below 50 degrees. Parents are encouraged to use their discretion in attending practice during inclement weather.


Q. What is my child required to wear to practice?

A.All members are required to report to practice wearing athletic gear (no jeans or skirts) and running shoes (not basketball shoes). Members should also bring sweats for cooler days.


Q. How often are their competitive meets?

A. The number of developmental meets vary annually and participation may be determined by the parent(s)/guardian(s) during this pre- Junior Olympic competition period. However, beginning in June, competitive meets are mandatory and will alternate weekends depending upon a pre approved schedule. Should an athlete miss a competitive meet during the Junior Olympic competition he/she will forfeit the remainder of their competitive season.


Q. For out of state track meets, how far does the club travel?

A. All track and field meets during the pre-Junior Olympic competitive period are local and with-in the state however upon advancing to regional and national competition, athletes may be required to travel as far west as California  for championship competition.




Q. Are parents allowed to watch practices?

A. Parents are allowed to watch practice from the bleachers, however are prohibited from interfering with practice and communicating with athletes or coaches during practice unless in the case of an emergency. Only athletes and coaches are permitted in training areas.


Q. Will we have a choice or say in what events our child competes.

A. The coaching staff is 100% responsible for determining which competitive events your child will participate in during the Junior Olympic competition. Coaches do have the autonomy to change competitive events up an until the Junior Olympic Championships. The goal of the coaching staff is to identify the event which best matches the skill and performance level of athletes based on current and previous performances.




Q. How do I register my child?

A. Effective January 1st, individuals will be able to register for the upcoming outdoor track and field season. Registration is provided on-line.


Q. Can a multi-sport athlete register?

A. Yes! We have athletes which are registered in multiple sports however keep in mind, should there be scheduling conflicts resulting in absence during the Junior Olympic competitive period your child will forfeit his/her participation.


Q. My child participates in track and field in school, may they still register?

A. Yes! We encourage you to register your child with the club although they participate in track and field at school. Parents often utilize our program to supplement the training of their children.


Q. What is the fee associated with registration?

A. The cost of registration is directly related to fees associated with expenses related to the organizations operation and the cost associated with competition. Registration fees are TBD on an annual basis.


Q. How do I pay for registration?

A. Registration may be paid in the form of cash, certified check/money order or via PAYPAL.


Q. Do you offer a payment plan?

A. Accessibility is important to us so we do provide athletes registered on or before February the opportunity to enroll in a Flex Payment option. This allows your registration fee to be spread over four equal monthly payments.


Q. Are registration fees refundable?

A. Registration fees are nonrefundable.UNIFORMS


Q. How much are uniforms?

A. There is no fee for your competitive uniform which is included in the price of registration. However, you may purchase additional uniforms at a predetermined price.



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