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NC High School Indoor Track and Field Honor Roll ….. ranked, 2nd year Eagle, Jayvonna Brown #2 in the 300m (42.9 s) and #2 in the 500m (1:20.05 s)

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National Elite Youth Rankings highlight several Eagles for their best performance in 2005. The following athletes were ranked in the top 100 in the United States.

4th        Chrishawn Williams       LJ                 Youth Girls
5th        Danielle Davis                 80MH           Midget Girls
13th                                                  4×100          Bantam Boys
15th      Chrishawn Williams       TJ                 Youth Girls
17th        Danielle Davis               LJ                 Midget Girls
18th        Cameron Lewis            400M            Sub-bantam Boys
18th        Shakira Worsely            3000M         Midget Girls
24th        Kari Watson                   Javelin         Sub-bantam Girls
25th        Cameron Lewis             LJ                Sub-bantam Boys
30th        Taja Gardner-Rand      TJ                 Youth Girls
31st                                                 4×100           Youth Girls
38th                                                 4×800           Midget Girls
45th         Cameron Lewis           100m           Sub-bantam Boys
52nd       Taja Gardner-Rand       LJ                Youth Girls
58th         Jayvonna Brown           400m           Young Women
74th         Maraye Slatter               400m           Youth Girls
94th         Chrishawn Williams       200m        Youth Girls
99th         Carnell Lewis                400m           Bantam Boys

Numerous other athletes were ranked as well.

You Don’t Have to Run Fast
  You Don’t Have to Jump High
         You Don’t Have to Throw Far

Just Try!!!

Obstacles are meant to be conquered

2006 Registration….

is fast approaching. Registration packages will be available no later thanJanuary 16th. There are some minor changes to the registration process therefore it will be critical to register your child(ren) on or before the first day of practice, April 3rd. (registration package)

to the Carolina Eagles Track Club to kick off the 2006 fund-raising season. With a lot of planning and hard work Denise Frazier, team mother, successfully organized a fund-raising drive at the Harrison Ave. location. The team raised just over $1000.

Thanks to the management staff at SAM’s Club and the generous residents of Cary of NC for helping us come one step closer to our fund-raising goal.